WhatsApp makes it easier for users to delete duplicate images and videos: Here’s how to use it

The WhatsApp storage management tool is been rolled-out to users globally and is pegged at making it easier for users to clean up their WhatsApp storage of duplicate images and videos. The instant messaging platform has redesigned the storage management option in the app to identify images or videos that have been shared multiple times or have accumulated over the years.

Before the release of a dedicated storage management tool, WhatsApp used to list the total phone storage used by individual chats and offered a detailed analysis of text messages, photos and videos shared between users. The users had the option of clearing up these items and free up the phone’s storage. However now, with the storage management tool, WhatsApp has received the ability to identify pictures and videos that were forwarded multiple times and can categorize these items based on the storage size occupied.

The new storage management tool offers cleanup suggestions by listing pictures, videos and files under two categories– forwarded many times and by file size. Users can then preview the selection and can proceed to free up phone’s storage by deleting them manually or in bulk.

How to free up phone’s storage by using WhatsApp storage management tool?

WhatsApp Storage Management tool released

WhatsApp has stated that it has released the new storage management tool and it will be rolling out to more users in the next few days. With the new option, users will also be notified when the phone is running out of storage to save new messages and media files.

Once you have received the new update, the storage management tool can be accessed by going to WhatsApp settings. Tap on Storage and data and then select Manage storage from the list.

Under the Manage storage option, WhatsApp now depicts the storage used by WhatsApp media and other items in a bar graph. Moreover, the new storage management tool automatically groups duplicate images and videos under “forwarded many times” tab and files with more storage size under “larger than 5MB” tab. Users can review these selections and choose to delete the images, files or videos based on the storage space.

With its new storage management tool, WhatsApp aims to provide a simple option for smartphone users to free up their phone’s storage space. This will come in really handy, especially for users who have limited storage space on their mobile phones as it would easily help identify media files taking up unnecessary storage space and remove it. WhatsApp also recently announced a new feature called Disappearing Messages. The company has also released an FAQ on how it works.

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