Here’s how much usable storage the PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have

As the next gen looms over us, games are getting larger and larger. And, one of the growing concerns is the usable storage on the next-generation consoles. The PS5 disc and digital edition both come with 825GB of storage, the Xbox Series S has 512GB of storage and the Series X has 1TB storage. But how much of this is actually usable by the user?

It has been confirmed that the Xbox Series X will have 802GB of storage which can be used to store games and apps. The Series S on the other hand reportedly has the least amount of usable storage. It comes with a 512GB SSD of which a mere 364GB is usable. The information about the Series S usable storage comes from Reddit user spead20 who apparently got a Series S early. He was asked about the usable storage on the console, and he said “364 GB for games and apps”

The PS5, on the other hand, comes with 825GB of storage. While the usable storage isn’t officially confirmed Twitter user @okami13_ has posted screenshots highlighting that the PS5 review units sport 667GB of usable space.

Before you freak out, know that both the Xbox Series consoles and the PS5 support expandable storage. While details of the NVMe SSD’s that are compatible with the PS5 are yet unknown, Microsoft has partnered with Seagate for a 1TB expandable drive for the Series S/X. If you would like to play backwards compatible games, you can play them off a traditional hard drive, just like you can on the PS4 and Xbox One. So, there is some silver lining here.

However, this does bring up the question of how many games one will be able to store on the console’s internal drive? While the Series S will use smart delivery to download lower quality textures to the console, it will be interesting to see how much of a size difference this makes.

A game like Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which will be available on the PS5 and PS4, reportedly has a mere 2GB size difference on the 2 consoles. A game like Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War currently has a size of 85GB on the consoles with a larger file size for the PC where players will be able to take advantage of higher-quality assets.

It should also be noted that while a user could upgrade the internal storage of the PS3 and PS4, this is not possible for the PS5 as the internal storage is soldered onto the motherboard. The Xbox 360 allowed for user-replaceable storage, but the feature is not present on the Xbox One family of consoles.

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